How long do the classes last?
It really depends on the experience level of the students and where they are currently scoring on past AMC 10's, we do 4 weeks at a time, and for some groups of students depending on their ability level and what book we are doing, we might be able to finish an entire book in that time.
How are the classes taught, like what is the format?
My teaching style is slightly different than what is seen on my channel. I try to offer hints and insight into not just what to do on a problem, but how you know to even do that in the first place. Pointing out problem triggers. etc. This is what separates me from an average tutor. Other tutors often do not explain the reasoning behind maneuvers made in problem solving. I recognize the specific clues within the problem that help the solver know what to try next and I try to train the student to recognize them also. I also do not always fully explain a question, but try to get the student to a point where they can finish the problem on their own. I will ask questions(Socratic Method) to try to get them on the right track of thinking. I will then afterwards sometimes ask how they solved it and point out shortcuts they might have missed, and I can always explain if the student is stuck how to finish the problem. I teach using a Zoom whiteboard as an interactive class.
Do I need the books in order to take the classes?
Yes, the books can be bought from the links on my channel, and you can use either an online version or hard copy. You will need a copy of both the book and it's solutions as in order to make the in-class time more efficient, you or your parent will often be grading your own work before class and then in class simply asking the questions that you desired further or alternate explanation on.
What if I miss a class, can the class be moved?
Unfortunately when a class has multiple students, it is really difficult to change all those schedules. I do record the classes and offer video makeup with an additional in person session for any parts that were not clear at no additional charge. This can be discussed by email at the time of occurrence.
Who developed my website?
BrightBin Agency brightbin.co
How much does Private Tutoring Cost?
For Inquiries about private tutor please send me an email at thebeautyofmath13@gmail.com
When will the Monthly Newsletter begin?
This is a feature I will hopefully be rolling out by October 1st. This is a tentative date as I still need time to design how the monthly newsletter will work, and what to include. Thank you for your patience. :)
Can I get my contest mentioned on your Events Calendar?
Absolutely! Just email me or use the contact page on my website. Please include who can participate, what dates the contest will be held, and the link you would like me to use so the viewer can get more information about your contest.
How do I request a problem for your YouTube channel?
You can do so at the following link, but be aware, I am very behind on making problem videos from requests: https://forms.gle/m8As6oGNyxzrvFwE6
Do you have other classes besides the ones listed on the page?
Yes, I have ongoing AMC 8, 10 and 12 Review classes at different skill levels. I also can teach all the AoPS books and if I don't currently have a class going with the book you want taught, then you can message me and request to start a class for that book. I also can teach all school level material.
Can I make a donation?
Sure. Thank you for the support. You may support the channel by leaving a donation at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/TheBeautyofMath